Bigeye Tuna




Scientific Name: Thunnus obesus

Hawaiian Name: `Ahi

Japanese Name: Mebachi

In Hawaii, “Ahi” refers to two species, the Bigeye Tuna and the Yellowfin Tuna. Similar in general appearance, the Bigeye may be recognized by its plump body, its larger head and its unusually large eyes.

Good quality Bigeye meat has a reddish-pinkish flesh color. Caught in deeper, cooler water, it typically has a higher fat content than Yellowfin and is preferred by sashimi lovers. For less discriminating consumers, the two species are interchangeable.

Fish landed in Hawaii range from 20 to over 200 pounds. Smaller fish are usually caught around fish aggregation buoys and over seamounts. The large fish are usually caught in deep open ocean waters. They are preferred for their typically higher fat content and greater yields.

Virtually all Bigeye Tuna is sold fresh.