Mahi Mahi



Scientific Name: Coryphaena hippurus

Hawaiian Name: Mahimahi

Japanese Name: Shiira

The Hawaiian name Mahimahi has become the common name for this fish in the U.S. When a mahimahi takes the hook, its colors are brilliant blue and silver dappled with yellow.

Mahimahi is thin-skinned with firm, light pink flesh. It has a delicate flavor that is almost sweet. Hawaii's Mahimahi is a highly-regarded product which is best eaten when fresh. Local Mahimahi is superior in quality to the available substitutes — lower-priced fresh mahimahi from Latin America and imported frozen fillets from Taiwan and Latin America.

The supply of locally caught Mahimahi is limited and seasonal considering the high demand for this species. Most of the fish are between 8 and 25 pounds, but larger fish are caught by trollers. Mahimahi over 15 pounds in body weight is the preferred market size. Commercial Mahimahi landings in Hawaii are made by trollers and longliners.

No fish is better known in the up-scale restaurant market than Hawaii's fresh Mahimahi, which has become synonymous with tourism. Among visitors, is one of the State's best known fish.