Striped Marlin



Hawaii Market Name: Nairagi

Scientific Name: Tetrapturus audax

Hawaiian Name: A`u

Japanese Name: Makijiki

Nairagi is commonly known as striped marlin, or a`u, the Hawaiian name applied to all marlin species. It has the slenderest bill and the most visible "stripes” of all billfish and a high, pointed dorsal fin and more compressed sides.

The flesh color of striped marlin varies from fish to fish and varies from light pink to orange-red. Fish with orange-red flesh are particularly desired for the sashimi market. Nairagi with pink to light-colored flesh are bought for up-scale restaurants. It is considered the finest eating of all marlin species because of its tender flesh. 

Nairagi caught around the Hawaiian Islands usually between 40 and 100 pounds in round weight and are rarely over 130 pounds.